Wigan Athletic - Latics Reject 2nd Villa N'Zogbia Offer
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Latics Reject 2nd Villa N'Zogbia Offer

Sky Sports are reporting that Wigan Athletic have rejected a second bid from Aston Villa for Charles N`Zogbia.

Villa first registered their interest back in June but that initial bid was deemed not good enough, now the improved offer has also been knocked back.

Latics owner Dave Whelan has said that N`Zogbia would be allowed to leave but only at the price that is right for a player of his quality, the offer from Villa is believed to be in the region of £10 million.

More as the story develops

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The Journalist

Writer: Barry Worthington Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 18 2011

Time: 12:22PM

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Must be not willing to sell to one of our rivals for that mid-table spot
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18/07/2011 12:25:00

Now you've done it...
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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18/07/2011 12:43:00

There are going to be lots of fellow Villa fans who will bite like a very hungry fish at that comment!
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18/07/2011 12:47:00

Brilliant worbo.
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18/07/2011 13:00:00

Mixed reports on this..some say fee agreed but wage demands the problem...some say Wigan wanted £10m and Villa bid £9m..rejected..not quite sure what is true...Can't see anyone else coming up with that much for him though...None of the top 5 are interested and I don't think Everton, Newcastle or Sunderland have the money...Looks like 'Cat and Mouse' between the clubs and possibily the player as well..Will he see his contract out and go where he wants for nothing next season?
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18/07/2011 13:04:00

Cant blame wigan for wanting big money for their best player...But worbo tottenham 3 years ago where was they? Fighting relegation and where are they now? We shall see end of next season my friend and i highly doubt wigan are a mid table club.
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18/07/2011 13:05:00

We will continually up our offer by £5 until Whelen gives in
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18/07/2011 13:06:00

How can he reject 10 million when in January he accepted £9 million fron Bham?
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18/07/2011 13:15:00

Gibbo because the blue scum didnt have 20million pound going spare that Wigan know about. In fairness you can understand Wigan holding out for more if we can do it to Liverpool for Downing why cant they.
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18/07/2011 13:19:00

Doesn't he have just one year left on his contract? It's perfectly fine for Wigan to hold out for as much as possible, but they're playing a dangerous game, especially if we back away and nobody else is interested.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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18/07/2011 13:24:00

I agree he should try and get out of it as much as possible but he already accepted one bid in January so surely if he messes about too much then Nzog will become restless???
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18/07/2011 13:46:00

whelan didnt accept 9 mil in jan it was last summer and newcastle bid 12 in jan that got rejected
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18/07/2011 14:02:00

Maybe he's extending his contract :)
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18/07/2011 14:18:00

R-wigan.... at least this is a very feasible option and not some pipe dream.
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18/07/2011 14:25:00

i hope we pull out now and go after vargas from fiorentina, for 12 - 13 mill a much better player IMHO
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18/07/2011 14:55:00

Surely we are your relegation rivals judging by our position with 2 games to go last season less 2 England regulars + Freidel, Carew & NRC all gone! Maybe you are holding out for Heskey in exchange?
Chelt Villan
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18/07/2011 15:09:00

Worbo the way last season went and the goings and not so many comings I would be quite happy with mid table! It's a funny situation as outside of the top 5 plus liverpool it seems that we are the only ones with cash but what is also been said there are other options so probably wont go much higher than 10 mil - we will see!
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18/07/2011 15:12:00

take a joke lads, us little wigan know how too
Mike Leigh
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18/07/2011 15:16:00

To be fair, Villa arent a mid-table team and they will be right back up there in a season or two. But at the moment you wouldnt say Villas squad is much better than Wigans with there 2 best players leaving. I wouldnt be too surprised if Zoggy turned them down. He is a world class player.
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18/07/2011 15:17:00

I agree with you marksparko about us currently not looking the best but will be back up there in no time...But we definitely haven't got a similar squad to wigan, what player apart from n'zogbia would get into our team? Can't think of any, Rodallega is good, but bent surely better and probably the same situation in every other position. N'Zogbia should be happy to come to us, he will finally get to see a crowd over 10,000.
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18/07/2011 15:38:00

haha wasnt trying to be mean mate, just sayin that its tough when you lose your best players. Dont spit your dummy out. If i was gonna have to make a Villa/Wigan team, i would have.... -----------------Al Habsi---------------- Young-----Collins-----Alcaraz--Figueroa N'Zogbia--McCarthy---Diame---Albrighton --------------Bent------Rodallega--------- Your team is pretty average at the moment. Sure you will bring people in though. I think your CM's are *****e.
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18/07/2011 16:10:00

I wasn't hinting you was trying to be 'mean'. Al Habsi better than Given? Alcaraz better than Dunne, Collins and Cuellar? Diame better than Makoun? Don't agree mate, we will bring people in and you need to check our young cm's such as bannan and delph and watch makoun play, we also have ireland in form better than any wigan cm so thats a bit harsh to say our cm's are *****. We have a lot of average players but a lot better than wigans sorry.
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18/07/2011 16:27:00

Fair play, it was said a while ago we would sell him to a Champions League club, which Villa are not.
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18/07/2011 17:19:00

last time i checked Given played for city... jumping the gun a bit there. Al Habsi was the best keeper outside the top four last season. Alcaraz is a quality player, just watch his performance against Brazil before his sending off last night. N'zogbia will try his best not to make a sideways move which is why he is dragging his feet! Why bother moving at all?
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18/07/2011 17:56:00

Think its best we walk away. If you think a deal is going to be struck for any more than 10m for the player on wages around 60k weekly by another club then go for it! So called "big 5" are not interested, Spurs have Bale, Everton cannot afford the package, theres been no interest from abroad, all thats going to bring you is a disintersted player thats fighting a relegation scrap, counting the days till his big fat signing on fee next season!
Stourbridge Villan
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18/07/2011 18:23:00

plus, lets be honest our manager rejected you so why is it so out of the question for him to turn you down aswell. He is our player and you can blame yourselves for the ridiculous price you got for downing, you have no right to him for any price other than what we agree! get over yourselves your not manchester city...
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18/07/2011 18:35:00

Wonder if he would have stopped if you were not lucky enough to play a battered and knackered Stoke side in your last match of the season? Martinez was a smoke screen for us, why would we want a manager who bigs up Steve Bruces purchases to make his buddy Dave Whelan a few quid? What happens when N'Zogbia and Rodellega go the same way as Palacios, Zaki, Heskey, Scharner, Cattermole, Valencia etc? 10m is good business for a selling club!
Stourbridge Villan
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 18:49:00

We never owned Zaki. We let Scharner go because he refused to play his actual position. Stoke might have been "battered and knackered", but I am sure everyone played clubs in that state at some point during that season. Don't pipe up without knowing what you are talking about.
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 19:07:00

haha you really are a fool! Scharner was *****e, Cattermole is a thug and Palacios is languishing on Tottenhams bench! And yeah i can clearly see the impact Heskey is having at villa... oh wait he's *****e as well. Martinez has made some pretty shrewd signings in his time and has more than replaced the ones you mentioned.
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 19:07:00

Stick to rugby ladies.....
Stourbridge Villan
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 19:28:00

good one mate haha but we are talking about football, and clearly you know ***** all about it... here take a look at this honey http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_football then come back and try again...
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 19:30:00

Oh and Scharner was your player of the 2008, cattermole linked with Liverpool, Palacios member of a large squad, could not afford Zaki, Stoke had nothing to play for (only happens at end of season!) Martinez's "shrewd" signings include 6.5m Boselli, 3m? Moses, 2m Di Santo and have 4 goals between them!
Stourbridge Villan
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 19:37:00

timmo i guess you are one of the 200 fans who only attend your games then? Haha!! When you can at least fill half of your ground you can talk about being close to our clubs level. Oh and timmo check SSN Given is a villa player, and sideways step? If he comes to us he will be at a team with great tradition, great history, a team who will most likely be challenging spurs, everton and sunderland for the european spots where as his current team will again be battling it out at the bottom. We have bent for a full season now, have a manager who gets a strong defence going so problems solved. The man will be at VP if we get the fee no doubt about it.
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 20:29:00

There are going to be lots of fellow Wigan fans who will bite like a very hungry fish at that comment! ©ormskirk 2011 (3rd comment) lol
Stourbridge Villan
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 20:41:00

I would snapped there hands off
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 21:00:00

P.Avfc, when attendances win games i'll care about that comment. But they dont. It just means we get cheaper tickets. so ha. Also, dont pretend that you all want McLeish now! You feckin rioted about it! He is a *****e defensive manager with small ambition managing an average team with no real flair. Have fun in the relegation battle next year laddddiesss!
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 22:39:00

So your admitting your attendances are embarrassing? And not every villa fan rioted when he was appointed, a lot were unhappy but i think the majority have realised we must get behind him. Not gonna lie, he played defensive football at birmingham but at rangers it wasn't all bad, he even said himself he knows that the fans want good football and he never had the players to do it with at birmingham so we shall see. I think it is hilarious how wigan fans can tell us to have fun in our relegation battle when we had 1 bad season in how many? When was the last time they finished above us? Will be funny when we get n'zogbia, vargas, parker and whoever else might join us and we are looking strong again...I'll be looking forward to having fun with you all when we are miles infront of you in the league and we will be having the last laugh just like last season when we managed to finish above all the teams who laughed at us after we had one of our worst seasons in years! Now thats funny...Oh and just to inform you thinking we will be in a relegation battle because mcleish might play bad football, well stoke and blackburn the two most ugliest sides finished above you? Funny.
Report Abuse
19/07/2011 00:03:00

haha mate are aim is to stay in the league, we did that. so were happy. Your aim is to get into europe cos you have over expecting fans. And you failed, and you will continue to fail because your club is goin down the pan. You will be the next West Ham. Such an overrated club.
Report Abuse
19/07/2011 00:18:00

We shall see :)
Report Abuse
19/07/2011 01:42:00

Always had a lot of respect for the Wigan chairman seems a good guy,and if he wants 10 mill for Nzobia no complaints he sets the price just as we did with Downing. But if Villa have offered 10 mill and he then turns it down, could look a bit foolish if villa walk away and the player wont sign a new contract,no one else has come near offering that sort of money. Marksparko villa finished 6 for 3 consecutive seasons hence the expectation but i should imagine many of your own fans hope for better times and want more than a relegation fight each season i am sure that includes your manager and chairman.
Report Abuse
19/07/2011 15:50:00

P.Avfc > You might have had great seasons in the past, but you can't deny, you've sold your best players, You've now got a gaffer that relegated a team that was comfortable at Christmas, If you think things are looking up mate, that's your perogative, after all if you can't be optomistic before a ball's been kicked, when can you be?
Report Abuse
19/07/2011 21:50:00


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