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Meeting Some Chelsea Fans - Wigan Athletic

Meeting Some Chelsea Fans - Wigan Athletic

A regular feature on Vital Latics throughout this season, we will hopefully be getting the views of a 'few' of the opposition fans on Wigan Athletic, so with a visit to the DW Stadium on Saturday for Chealsea for the big Premier League clash, it was time to meet some Blues.

So with seven simple questions posed let's take a look at the responses:

1. How long have you supported Chelsea?
2. Who is your best player?
3. Who do you think is Wigan's best player?
4. What is your perception of Wigan Athletic?
5. What do you think the score will be?
6. What do you think will be your final league position?
7. What do you think will be Wigan's final league position?

Started around 1982\83
2. Past - Pat Nevin. Current - Petr Cech
3. Tbh - dont really know many Wigan players - keep an eye on Di Santo as he's ex-blues and also PVA
4. Dont have any issues with Wigan, not a club I like or dislike
5. 3- 0 Chelsea
6. 2nd or 3rd
7. Tbh fighting relegation

1. Life long, I was born and raised around the Lotts road area of Chelsea and my dad, two older brothers, neighbours and class mates were all Chelsea. I went along with it and these days joke that conformity never paid off so handsomely!!! Actually started going to games on Oct '84.
2. Past - Pat Nevin, great player and a total gent.
Now - Super Frank, who I think will become regarded as being our finest ever player (already is in my book)
For Saturday - It's hard to chose between Mata and Sturridge who are both in outstanding form at the moment.
3. Can I say PVA? ;-) Jokes aside, Rodallega stands out. Al Habsi also doesn't look to bad. I also want to say I have a lot of time for Martinez doing a good job on a tight budget, trying to play attractive football and showed loyalty that's all to rare in the modern game when Villa came knocking.
4. I honestly don't mean to be nasty but I think you're punching above your weight in the PL and keep expecting you to go down just about every season. And not regularly filling a small stadium only highlights this.
5. Well, we now have a bit of confidence and form so I expect us to win, though we have always had to work very hard when ever we come to yours. 1-2 to Chelsea.
6. Big question that. Hard to predict as we can't tell if this return to form is in anyway permanent. I'll take a punt at 3rd which would keep me happy.
7. 17th or 18th

1. only 8 years
2. Eidur Gudjohnsen, Lampard, and Drogba
3. Victor Moses
4. Admirer of Roberto Martinez
5. 2-0 to the Chels
6. 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Hopefully 17th, as I would really want wolves to be relegated

1. Went to my first Chelsea match in 1988, so 23 years to date.
2. Past - Marcel Desailly, Present - Michael Essien
3. James McCarthy
4. Good footballing principles, family orientated club.
5. Wigan 1 - 2 Chelsea
6. 3rd
7. 17th

1: Started since 2006/2007 but don't get me wrong, Chelsea are the first club I've supported.
2: Currently? Juan Mata, our attack would be a lot less potent without him on the left wing.
3: Don't really follow Wigan but Victor Moses is supposed to be good.
4: Currently a club flirting with relegation, looks like a possibility this season but Martinez could engineer an escape.
5: 4-0 to us, not being arrogant but Arsenal did that and I think in our current form, we are good enough.
6: 3rd if we keep our good form.
7: 15th, not the worst team but could be.

1. I've been a supporter since 1999. I started following Football properly in the 1998 World cup and was deeply taken by the French victory. Chelsea happened to be one of the sides on Tv at that time. I only had a passive interest in the beginning served up further by the fact that they had Lebeouf and my favorite player at the time Dessaily but as the season progressed we started to really put in performances, inspired by the magician Zola and ended up just about 3rd and took the final spot in the European Cup. Glad to say that my love has grown stronger season after season and I'm glad that the Club has done a huge upward spiral since. They owe it to my loyal support ;)
2. My all time favorite in a blue shirt would have to be Claude Makelele. The way he shielded the back four and orchestrated play was really amazing in my eyes.
Our best player currently would have to be Mata. If he performs well, he blows the other team away, if he plays badly, which is very rare, he still notches up an assist or a goal. Watch out for him.
3. Wigan's best player for me would be their Keeper Ali Al Habsi, though Figueroa and Rodallega are players i also rate very highly.
I'm also a huge fan of Jimmy Bullard. I was surprised when Wigan let him go. (note - we had no choice, contract clause)
4. Really like them. Probably more so than most other teams in the league. Until recently, all our matches used to be amazing close affairs though I think Wigan's recent shift in Philosophy plays into our hands.
5. 0-3 to Chelsea. We're on a bit of a roll and your defense is too culpable at the moment. I also believe we've shored up a bit at the back. So I'm a bit optimistic.
6. I'd love to say 1st.. that's what my heart says. I'm more inclined towards third or fourth however. Tottenham have improved immensely. I think we should be able to hold off the others.
7. I hate to say it but the way things are, i can only see relegation but I hope you make some good January additions, stick to your philosophy and prove me wrong.

1) 50+ years.
2), Luiz!
4)Homely, but feisty, chips and mushy peas!
7)16th.....good luck, I like Martinez.

1. I would say was a supporter in 86-1990 became a fan in 1991
2. Past - undoubtedly Pat Nevin, Dennis Wise. Present - Frank Lampard, John Terry
3. Not watched much of Wigan games, but the few times I did, it was Victor Moses and the goalie I think al Habsi was the name
4. Good footballing club with modest fans.
5. Wigan 0 - 4 Chelsea
6. 2nd in between the Manchester clubs.
7. 16th. As I think they make good fight of survival towards the end of the season.

1. since 1968
2. Drogba now Pat Nevin all time
3 don`t know sorry
4 small club up north
5 3-1 Chelsea
6 3rd
7 just out of relegation 17th or 16th

1. All my life
2. Frank Lampard, Gianfranco Zola
3. I would say Hugo Rodellega
4. I genuinely like Wigan. I started off hating Martinez when he first got the job. But he has grown on me and I really like him, he's probably my second favourite manager behind AVB (obv) and Rodgers. Love how he's kept Wigan up in the last few years. You guys deserve a permanent place in this league.
5. 4-0 Chelsea
6. 3rd
7. 18th unfortunately, but I truly hope not. Blackburn, QPR and Norwich for the drop!

1. For about ten years.
2. Currently, Juan Mata, though Ivanovic and Ramires are both underrated.
3. Rodallega
4.? I greatly respect any club that doesn't have much money but manages to survive the EPL. I honestly don't know how you've done it the last few years.
5. Chelsea will win it, 2-0.
6. Probably 3rd.
7. I'll go with 16th.


1. 11 years! I fell in love with this amazing club in 2000. It was all thanks to Gianfranco Zola who I thought was one of the best players ever (I was 5 when I started supporting Chelsea, I'm 16 now).
2. Our best player currently has to be Juan Mata. All time best player- Zola.
3. Hugo Rodallega. Although I really rate James McArthur or is it Mcarthy, I get confused between the 2!
4. I think for a club that is fighting relegation year in, year out, you play some really good football. I hope you stay up!
5. The score will be Wigan 1- Chelsea 3
6. I reckon we can finish 2nd or 3rd. I don't think we are strong enough to win the league this season but we can hope!
7. I think you guys will just finish outside the relegation places: 17th.

1. 7 years as it was the time when I moved to the UK and my flat happened to be right in front of Stamford Bridge. I could see the stadium from my bathroom window. also as it happened Chelsea was also the first team I supported as I wasn`t and still am not very keen on Colombian football (too much diving)
2. Overall has to be Super Frank Lampard the most underrated player in the history of English football. In the current squad has to be little magician Mata
3. Should say Rodallega as he is Colombian but being more objective I would say Moses as he has seemed very dangerous every time I have see you guys play.
4. Good flowing football, small support due to a region where rugby rules the agenda.
5. 3-0 Chelsea
6. 2nd
7. Don`t think you guys will manage to escape the drop this time and I will say 18th

1) A newbie...since Sheva's arrival...2006. Was a huge AC Milan and Shevchenko fan and followed the Bundesliga, too. When he left for CFC so did I. When he left again, I stayed...fell in love with the level of play in the EPL and CFC. Nothing will tear me away now.
2)Right now...Juan Mata. In recent past, Cech.
3) Rodallega.
4) Respect the fact that you have managed to stay in the top flight since 2005.
5) 1-3 Chelsea
6) 3rd
7) 16th or 17th

1. Around my sixteenth birthday, so 2006
2. Our captain, JT
3. As an American, I'm biased and would have to go with Howard. So much heart in his game! (note - he plays for them lot down the road)
4. Great, great talent always comes from there, wish they'd find a way to keep it there and grow as a force
5. Wigan 0 - 3 Chelsea
6. 3rd
7. 17th

Blue is the colour
1) 30+ years.
2)Zola & Dixon, now JT
3)Hugo Rodallega
4)As a sort of closet Wigun fan (am also a closet Stoke, wolves and Pompy fan) I'm chuffed to bits to see you lot in the PL. Great atmosphere and a kind of cosy place to go to.
7)12th, come on lads, you can do it!

Thanks very much for contributing to this, some great answers there, one or two actually made me chuckle out loud! Anyways thanks again, if you are coming up on Saturday have a safe trip and enjoy our hospitality

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Writer:Barry Worthington
Date:Thursday December 15 2011
Time: 11:34AM

Best of Vital Network


Some great responses there, thanks for the effort
15/12/2011 11:40:00
As a Chelsea fan , I hav to say this is a fine contribution of inter-club interest and is in myopinion exactly how football should be conducted barring a little teasing hand here and there. First class co-operation. Although I hope for and expect a Chelsea win, I wish Wigan the best of luck in the up coming game
15/12/2011 12:39:00
I second you there Blue_mel. This is how football fans should interact, with some light friendly banter too. All the best Wigan for the coming match.
15/12/2011 12:54:00
great article. and beast of luck from me as well . hopefully my prediction is wrong as I don't want rodallega or martines to drop down to they championship.
15/12/2011 13:15:00
its nice to see fans from a top club show some respect and humility to a small club like ours.well done chelsea fans i hope you give the title a good go after saturday off course.
johnney handsome
15/12/2011 15:46:00
Glad we could be of assistance - we're a nice bunch really!
15/12/2011 19:13:00
@ worbo: The article turned quite well didn't it? Anyway good luck in staying up this year!
15/12/2011 20:28:00
Cheers blu4life, yep great stuff as always from the Chelsea fans, dont mind admitting always had a soft spot for Chelsea since we went to Stamford Bridge in 1980 and grabbed a 1-0 FA Cup 3rd round win...we made lots of headlines after that game due to the fact that we'd beaten Chelsea away, it felt like we'd arrived as a league club
15/12/2011 22:12:00
Feel a bit sorry we have to beat you lot tomorrow, but I wish you all the best v the Bin dippers and a excellent season. Additionally, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2012! CĀ“mon the Latics!!!
Blue is the colour
16/12/2011 20:21:00
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